Pensions Board targets young consumers


“Pensions Board targets young consumers with cinema advertising campaign”

Sunday 16 October 2005: The Pensions Board has launched a new winter advertising campaign as part of its National Pensions Awareness Campaign, featuring cinema advertising, washroom poster sites as well as national and regional radio advertising. The campaign involves the concept of the future catching up with those who have made inadequate pension provision.

This is the first time that the Pensions Board has used the medium of cinema to encourage pensions action among consumers. The campaign is targeted primarily at young people who have some of the lowest levels of pension coverage. Only 50% of people aged 25 to 34 have private pension provision. The cinema campaign is shot in a ‘Blair Witch Project’ style and features a person attempting to flee the reality of life without a pension, which scenario will eventually catch up with them. The campaign will be launched in cinemas nationwide from October 17th and targets cinema-goers who may not yet have a pension in place.

The poster campaign will target washrooms (pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, etc) across Ireland and Dublin Bus poster sites. The posters show a couple who have just discovered that they haven’t made any provision for their retirement. The couple is photographed in cinematic style to parallel the cinema and radio elements of the advertising campaign.

Discussing the new campaign, Mary Hutch, Head of Information and Training, Pensions Board said: “There is a high level of awareness around pensions, but the real challenge is to convert this awareness into action. The endeavour to encourage activity around pensions sees us entering the very backyard of our key target sectors. Young people go to the cinema in the evening, have a drink in the pub with their friends at the weekend or travel by bus. The intention of our winter campaign is that the issue of pensions will turn up where they least expect it and encourage people to face up to their financial futures.”

This element of the Boards campaign runs from October 17th and finishes in mid December.

About the Pensions Board
The Pensions Board is the statutory body set up to regulate occupational pension schemes and PRSAs and to advise the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, and through him, the Government, on overall pension policy development.



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