Trustee training

All trustees must receive relevant training within six months of their appointment and at least every two years thereafter. The training undertaken must cover:

  • the Pensions Act and attendant regulations,
  • duties and responsibilities of trustees generally, both under pensions legislation, the pension provisions of the family law and related acts, common law and any other relevant legislation, and
  • effective management of a pension scheme or trust RAC.

The Authority supports the provision of appropriate trustee training by publishing:

  • a document outlining the areas to be covered by trustee training and FAQs on trustee training requirements – see Related File(s) below, and
  • a list of registered trainers for trustees of occupational pension schemes which is available below. The application form to be a registered trainer is available under the ‘Forms’ section.

Qualification requirements also apply to trustee boards. At a minimum, at least one trustee on the board or one director of a sole corporate trustee must have completed a course listed on the Authority’s website. For further information, see the ‘Trustee qualifications’ page.