Defined benefit statistics

The Pensions Authority publishes statistics for defined benefit schemes annually.

These statistics are compiled from the annual actuarial data returns (AADRs) required to be submitted by funded defined benefit schemes to the Authority under regulation 23 of the Occupational Pension Schemes (Disclosure of Information) Regulations, 2006, as amended.

The statistics published to date can be found below.

Note on the 2023 publication

The 2023 publication is presented in a time series format and includes statistics in respect of previous years. The AADR data has been collated by calendar year with figures for each year representing the totals of AADRs submitted to the Authority with an effective date in that calendar year. Small schemes in wind up in any given year are generally excluded from the statistics given that such schemes are not required to submit an AADR. 

Previous reports aggregated the data of the most recent AADR submitted by each scheme as at the publication date and so past figures for any year were based on AADRs spread across more than one calendar year. Therefore, the statistics published in 2023 are not directly comparable with figures published in previous years.