The Pensions Board formally names its online data management system as the Interactive Scheme Information System (ISIS)

Wednesday 7 September 2011: Interactive Scheme Information System (ISIS) is the formal name given to the Board’s online data management system.

The Board is continuing to develop its online services with the ongoing implementation of ISIS. The annual renewal process for Registered Administrators has now been opened to users and a notification has been sent to all registered RAs.

To-date external data providers (trustees, employers, and or their pension scheme administrators) can electronically:

  • amend existing scheme details
  • pay annual scheme fees

New services to be introduced shortly include:

  • registration of new single and group member schemes
  • filing of annual scheme information returns

As new services are introduced through ISIS the Board will issue information and instructions detailing how the individual processes will operate.

Please email any queries you might have in relation to the system to

Visit ISIS here:


For further information, please contact: 

David Malone                       Tel: (01) 613 1900
Head of Information
The Pensions Board