News update – The Pensions Board extends its online data management capacity

Wednesday 27 October 2010: "The Pensions Board extends its online data management capacity"

The Board is continuing to develop its online services to customers with the implementation of a new data management system. Having pension scheme data submitted electronically will facilitate greater efficiencies for pension scheme administrators and enhance the effectiveness of the Board’s overall regulatory operations.

The system will replace the existing manual paper based scheme register and will interact with other relevant Board systems where necessary.  External data providers (trustees, employers, and/or their administrators) will be able to conduct their business with the Board through an online portal that will provide electronic forms for registering new schemes, amending existing schemes, paying annual fees electronically and filing of annual scheme information returns.

As the system is rolled out the Board will issue information and instructions detailing how the individual processes will operate.

This is the first of a series of public notices from the Board to advise and inform stakeholders of the ongoing developments being introduced by the Board.  


For further information, please contact: 

David Malone                       Tel: (01) 613 1900
Head of Information
The Pensions Board