CEIOPS Conference 2007 – 20 November 2007

12 October 2007: The CEIOPS (Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors) Conference 2007, will take place on 20 November 2007, in Frankfurt am Main.

Building on the achievements of the two former conferences, CEIOPS intends to continue its open dialogue in line with the Lamfalussy process, through public consideration of CEIOPS’ achievement to date and stakeholders’ views on the future development of its role, tools and plans.

The prime purpose of the CEIOPS conference remains the transparency of CEIOPS’ work and progress and to strengthen communication with the industry and all interested parties in order to help us react better to stakeholders’ demands.

This is particularly relevant with regard to the 2007 assessing stage of the functioning of the Lamfalussy process, by the EU Institutions and the recent adoption of the European Commission’s proposal, concerning Solvency II.

The main topics for discussion will be covered in three sessions and will relate to CEIOPS’ role as Level 3 Committee in the Lamfalussy process, its contribution to the progress of the Solvency II Project, including the assessment of the QIS3 results, and the implementation of a supervisory regime for pension funds.

The conference will again host high-level speakers, offering the benefit of their expertise. As in previous years, time will be reserved for questions and interactive discussions which can continue informally between presentations, together with personal networking.

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