Information on the 2023 annual compliance statement

30 November 2023: Today, the Pensions Authority publishes information on the annual compliance statement (ACS) for 2023 that is provided for under the Pensions Act.

Annual compliance statement requirement

Section 26T of the Pensions Act requires trustees to prepare an ACS not later than 31 January each year for the preceding year for the purposes of prudential supervision. The ACS must be certified for accuracy and completeness by at least two trustees or in the case of a corporate trustee by at least two directors.

The form to be used for the 2023 ACS is available under Related File(s) below and needs to be completed by 31 January 2024.

Trustees will not be required to submit completed ACS forms to the Authority until further notice unless requested to do so as part of the Authority’s work.

The Authority will carry out sample checks and audits of trustees’ compliance with this obligation as part of the Authority’s ongoing supervisory activity. Trustees are reminded that a failure to prepare an ACS may amount to an offence liable to a prosecution.

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