Risk Management Conference 2023

On Wednesday 11 October, the Pensions Authority held its Risk Conference at The Marker Hotel in Dublin.

The theme of the conference was risk management for pension schemes and the related increased obligations on trustees from the transposition of the IORP II directive into Irish law. The speakers and the titles of their presentations were:

  • Tim O’Hanrahan, Head of Insurance Supervision of the Central Bank of Ireland, ‘Risk management – insights from financial services firms’,
  • Alan Pickering, President of BESTrustees, London, ‘Risk management – a friendly view from across the water’,
  • Will Price, CEO of D3P Global Pension Consulting, ‘International lessons on risk management for pension schemes’, and
  • Grace Guy, Head of Supervision and Enforcement with the Pensions Authority, ‘Irish pension scheme risk management’.

The Authority launched its guidance on the own-risk assessment (ORA) for pension schemes at the conference and this can be found here.

The video recording can be viewed here and the speaker bios along with the slides for the presentation are available in the Related File(s) area and the end of the page.

Continuous Professional Development

The Risk Conference was accredited for CPD hours by the IIPM, LIA and IOB in the category of (MCC2) Pensions, and by the IIPM and LIA in the category of (MCC3) Savings and Investments.