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Making a complaint

You can take action should you have a complaint about your pension. Any action that you may take depends on whether your complaint is about a personal pension, personal retirement savings account (PRSA), an occupational pension scheme or the State pension.

If you have a complaint about your personal pension or PRSA, you can contact your pension/PRSA provider, the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman (FSPO) or the Central Bank of Ireland.

Should you have a complaint about your occupational pension scheme you can contact your employer, the administrator of the scheme, the trustees of the scheme, the Pensions Authority and the FSPO. The FSPO is an independent, impartial, fair and free service that helps resolve complaints from consumers, including small businesses and other organisations, against financial service providers and pension providers. For information on how to make a complaint to the FSPO, watch their helpful video, ‘How to make a complaint to the FSPO’.

Should you have a complaint or problem in respect of your State pension entitlement or any other social welfare entitlement there are a number of bodies you can contact, including the Social Welfare Appeals Office.