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Information about member investment choices and default option

Where you have a choice of investments in a defined contribution scheme you are entitled to receive information regarding the investment options to allow you to make an informed decision. Similar information will be provided by a personal retirement savings account provider or personal pension provider.

This information includes:

  • a description of the investment fund choice alternatives available,
  • information about the default investment strategy,
  • the identity of the investment manager(s) who will be managing the assets,
  • the investment objectives, likely risk and return, and the type and diversification of assets of each investment alternative,
  • a description of the charges levied on each investment alternative that effectively reduce your contributions and/or the rate of investment return,
  • information on the past performance of the scheme‚Äôs investments for a minimum of five years, or for all the years that the scheme has been operating if less, and
  • information on whether and how environmental, climate, social and corporate governance factors are considered in the investment approach.