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Benefits payable on death in service as a pension to dependants

Some pension arrangements provide pension benefits to dependants in the event of a member’s death in service. Typically these benefits are a percentage of salary or a percentage of the pension the member would have received at retirement.

The pension benefits payable depend on the type of type of pension arrangement that you may be in and other circumstances such as whether or not you have dependants.


John is a member of a pension scheme. His salary is €60,000 and he is covered for a spouse’s/civil partner’s pension benefit of 1/3rd of salary. If John dies, a pension benefit of €20,000 per annum is payable to his spouse or civil partner.

You should find out about the benefits that would be paid to your dependants in the event of your death.  If no benefits are payable or if these would be insufficient to provide for your dependants, then you should look at taking out life assurance cover or increasing the level of benefits payable.

Where pensions are payable to dependants, you need to advise your pension contact of any dependants you have; otherwise you may not be covered for the benefits you expect