Prompt payment policy

The Pensions Authority is committed to making every effort to pay its suppliers promptly.

The Pensions Authority is committed  to making every effort to pay its suppliers promptly.  In this regard suppliers can help by ensuring that:

  • correct invoices are sent directly to Accounts Payable
  • accurate bank account details are provided
  • their Tax Clearance status with the Irish Revenue is up to date.

In the case of all public sector contracts of a value of €10,000 (inclusive of VAT) or more within any 12-month period, the contractor (and agent or sub-contractor as appropriate) will be required to produce either a valid tax clearance certificate or the relevant e-Tax Certificate verification details.  This is a mandatory requirement.  Full details on tax clearance procedures may be found on the Revenue website.

The Pensions Authority is obliged to report quarterly to the Department of Social Protection on prompt payments. (Government Decision S29296 of 2 and 8 March 2011).

The quarterly reports from 2016 to date are below.