Pensions Authority fees do not apply to the following:

  • Death benefit only schemes
  • Additional voluntary contribution (AVC) schemes
  • Where a scheme was established before 1 January 1993 and had 1 active member at the start of the scheme year before the year of payment. However, if the scheme had more than 1 active member for the relevant scheme year then Pensions Authority fees are due.

    For example: Scheme A which commenced prior to 1 January 1993:
    has 1 active member for scheme year 2011 – no fee is applicable
    has 2 active members for scheme year 2012 – fee is due for both active members
    has 1 active member for scheme year 2013 – no fee is applicable

  • Section 52 schemes: Certain public sector schemes excluded from the application of the funding standard (by virtue of section 52 of the Pensions Act, 1990, as amended) pay 40% of the fees due
  • Pensioner or deferred members
  • A scheme which becomes frozen or wound up before its renewal date in a calendar year does not have to pay fees for that year.

    For example: ABC scheme has a renewal date of 1 September but:
    – becomes frozen on 10 May – no fee due for that year
    – becomes frozen on 20 November – fees due based on membership numbers at the renewal date in the preceding year.