Information available from the Pensions Authority

Types of records available at the Authority include:

Class of recordExplanation
Internal administration These records concern the day to day management of the Authority. Information held in this area can include subjects such as financial control, organisation of Authority meetings, contracts for the provision of goods and services to the Authority, etc.
Policy This is information held on the formulation and implementation of policy, which can evolve from a wide range of sources, including recommendations of the Authority or Ministerial instructions.
Legislation Information kept under this heading relates to the preparations for law making, the procedure by which a proposal from its initial stages ultimately becomes law through the introduction of an Act of the Oireachtas.
Register of schemes Trustees of schemes are obliged, under the Pensions Act, to register occupational pension schemes with the Authority. Information in this category includes the database which the Authority maintains for this purpose.
PRSA products The Authority supervises the activities of providers in relation to their approved products and monitors compliance with the legislation regarding PRSAs. As part of the Authority’s regulatory role, a register of PRSA providers and their products is available to view on the Authority’s website.
EnquiriesThe Authority’s Enquiry Service deals with enquiries from scheme members and their dependants, prospective members, trustees, trade unions, employers and company employees with personnel, industrial relations and/or pay functions. Enquiries of a more technical nature are also received from pension practitioners and professional bodies.
Compliance Information kept in this category relates to complaints of non-compliance with the Pensions Act, compulsory and voluntary reports to the Authority, scheme audits, investigations arising from enquiries/complaints/reports, prosecutions under the Act and the issuing of directions etc. under the Act.
Determinations Information kept in this category relates to the formal determinations that the Authority has the power to make under the Act.
Instructions/guidelines Information in this category includes all stages of instructions or guidelines issued to Authority members and/or staff in the administration of the Pensions Act.
EU directives/ guidelinesMaterial held would contain information on the directive or guideline in question, and how it is interpreted and operated in the State.

Organisation and pay/grading structure

The rates of pay in the below circular are at Appendix 1A, which applies to class D PRSI (pre-6 April 1995 entrants) and Appendix 2A, which applies to Class A PRSI (post-6 April 95 entrants).

Customer Charter

Code of business conduct

Information for scheme members

The effectiveness of the Pensions Act in safeguarding occupational pensions depends to a large extent on scheme members being made fully aware of their rights under the Pensions Act.

With this in mind, the Authority produces an extensive range of information in the form of information, checklists and guidance notes on all aspects of the Pensions Act relevant to scheme members. All of this information is available under the Checklists and guides section of the Authority’s website.

Guidance for pension practitioners

Detailed guidance notes and FAQs (designed mainly for the use by pension practitioners) in relation to compliance with the main provisions of the Pensions Act can be downloaded from the Authority’s website.

Memoranda of understanding

Below is a list of memoranda of understanding the Authority has made to date:

  • Memoranda of understanding between the Authority and the Central Bank of Ireland dated 16 September 2016.
  • Memoranda of understanding between the Authority and the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman dated 6 November 2019.

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