Single member fees

What is a single member scheme?
A single member scheme is a scheme set up under a letter of exchange or a scheme which is established by a trust deed and is restricted to one member only.

How is the fee paid?
The Pensions Authority accepts payments for occupational pension scheme fees through the Authority’s Pensions Data Register (PDR) which can be accessed on the left.

Any one of the registered interested parties to a scheme may sign up at the link above and pay scheme fees. Payment is acceptable in the form of credit card or EFT. It is essential that EFT payments are supported by the reference numbers generated at the point of processing the payment through the PDR.

What date are fees due to be paid by?
Fees are due to be paid by 31 January each year, or such time as the Authority decides.

What is the fee for a single member scheme?
The fee rates are set out here.