Pensions Authority publishes findings report on the 2022 scheme survey

Thursday 6 October 2022: Today, the Pensions Authority publishes the results of a survey conducted on trustees’ IORP II preparedness. The survey provides information on pension scheme trustees’ progress since a similar survey was carried out in 2020.

The Pensions Authority issued a survey in June 2022 to the trustees of 160 defined contribution (DC) and 160 defined benefit (DB) schemes. The survey was voluntary and anonymous. The purpose of the survey was to assess the progress made by trustees to meet the requirements of the updated Pensions Act 1990, as amended (the Act) ahead of the deadline for compliance on 1 January 2023.

The survey findings indicate that while significant progress has been made by scheme trustees to meet the requirements of the Act, there is still work to be done by trustees to ensure compliance ahead of the 1 January 2023 deadline. The survey findings also indicate that most DB scheme trustees surveyed intend to continue their scheme, while almost half of the DC trustee respondents noted an intention to wind up their scheme and move to a master trust.

More information on the survey findings is available under the Related File(s) section of this page.

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